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Leading a vibrant world  with high-energy batteries

ORLIB Limited aims to realize a sustainable and prosperous society by developing a new type of battery that incorporates a unique idea of multi-electron transfer reaction based on lithium-ion battery technology.



Elucidation of charge-discharge mechanism and research on high energy density for development of organic cathode secondary battery exceeding 500Wh/kg

 -Adopted as a new research project in FY2022 related to the Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency's "Security  Technology Research Promotion System"-


Development of pure silicon anode material filled with CSCNT

 ―Realization of a high energy density lithium secondary battery that solves conventional problems―


Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun "New Switch"An article titled "What is the idea to overcome the challenges using silicon as a battery material?"

Our Business
  • Planning, manufacturing, sales, and import / export of secondary batteries and related materials

  • Battery system planning and design

  • Electrochemical device related consulting service.

Our Origin

​“ORLIB” is a trademark that combines “Organic” with “Lithium-ion Battery”.  We will further refine and develop the lithium-ion battery technology and exciting the world with our technology.

ORLIB is a startup venture born from the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Program for Creating Start-ups from Advanced Research and Technology (START).

   JST START Project, Nov. 2017 - March 2020

  • Project Name: Development of lightweight and high energy density rechargeable battery using Si anode and organic cathode.

  • Project Leader: Nishihara Hiroshi, Professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo, Chairman of the Board of ORLIB.


  Note: JST is a national research and development agency under the Ministry of Education, Cukture, Sports and Technology. It aims to promote

  science and technology.

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